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I can enter on the XYZ domain, but my friend can’t - we’ve wait about 10 days for propagation and I fixed DNSes and etc… & .XYZ

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Could you open again my ticket, idk why is it closed…

Could you please share your domain as text here? And upload the screenshot to the forum instead of to Imgur? I can’t seem to get anything but an unreadable small thumbnail from that service.

Your ticket was closed because your account was reactivated and you didn’t reply to the ticket again. Since it’s not a general support section, and only for review of suspended accounts, tickets are closed after accounts are reactivated.

So if you had hoped to get staff support for free because your account got suspended once: then I’m sorry to disappoint.

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For next time, could you please take a fresh screenshot and upload it at full resolution? That last screenshot is a 728x410 pixel thumbnail, on which the text is completely unreadable.

As for your question, both of your domain names are working fine from here. So I don’t know why your friend can’t see your site, but seeing how this friend is the only one having an issue, I think the issue is on their side, which I can’t help you with.

Also Reading your original message again:

When waiting for DNS propagation, you should not be tinkering with DNS records, nameserver settings, adding and removing domains, etc. At best, nothing changes. At worst, it will take ever longer for your site to show up.

We, and most registrars, push DNS changes within minutes. After that, it’s on you, your device, your network and your ISP to check the changes and route traffic accordingly. No amount of tinker on the hosting side can change that.


and what’s the real reason - ghosts broke my friend’s access to there or what ?!

It could be ghosts, sure. It could also be a badly configured DNS resolver on their network or just getting extremely unlucky with their DNS caching.

All I know is that everyone except for your friend seems to be able to access your website. So the obvious conclusion is that the issue is related to your friend’s internet connection, which I can’t check or fix for you.

I know you had hoped I would just be able to snap my fingers or push a button and make your website work for everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t think this issue is within my control at all.


“Everyone except your friend seems to be able to access your website” ???

My domain is from namecheap and everything is OK there.

I’m sorry, but what exactly are you trying to say with that statement.

If you say that everything is OK, then does that mean we’re done here?

But if your friend is still having problems, then please note that I wrote about “DNS resolver” and “DNS caching”. Those things are not entirely unrelated to the nameserver settings at your domain provider, but to say that the nameservers are configured correctly and therefore conclude that there are no DNS issues would not be correct.

If you want to know more about how these things are related, I wrote an article about it:

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