Problem with deleting website URL

I deleted one of my accounts a few months ago, but when I type in the link of this “deleted” website, server does not respond with a status of 404 – meaning I can’t delete it from Google Search Console. Instead, a generated page show up.

This is a problem to me because I want this URL to be deleted.
The URL is : . It was a free hosting account.

Thanks for your help.

Note that Hosting Accounts have to be kept for 60(?) days for legal reasons. It might also be because your website’s DNS records have not been removed, meaning your website is still pointing to an InfinityFree server.

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All subdomains which are not assigned to a hosting account are redirected to a domain parking service. Since you either removed the domain from your account, or the account itself was deleted, the domain redirects to the parking service now.

If you want to control which content is shown on the page (e.g. a 404 error), you’re free to create another hosting account with the domain name and setup your own page on it.

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Thanks for the answers.
It has been way more than 60 days I deleted this account so it can’t be the solution.

The content showed is not the problem here, I just want this adress to be deleted of the Google search results, but it can’t be since the server is providing an auto-generated page and respond with status 200.

Isn’t there a way to completely erase this subdomain ?
Thank you.

ALL unused subdomains go to the domain parking service, and the domain parking service returns a 200 response. Your subdomain is as erased as it will ever be.

There is nothing to delete, and your domain behaves exactly as a deleted domain should behave on our system.

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