Problem with a very slow-running site

Hello,I have one question. A couple of days ago i created an domain on Freenom and hosted it thanks to Infinityfree. I got the website to work and installed Wordpress to build the website. I noticed that when i tried to surf into my website, it loaded quite fast… but when i tried to log into my website but on the admin panel for wordpress (website.dock/wp-wp/admin) it took a WHILE to load the website. And when i finally managed to get in my website and got it the Wordpress dashboard, the site was running really slow. It could take up to 10 sec from pressing a button on the site to loading it. What could potentially cause the problem?

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You’re lucky to get your front-end loaded fast, because my site took both front-end and back-end quite some time to get it loaded (keep in mind that location may also affect the load speed).

Since this was a shared hosting, that means there are also visitors (from other site/domain) who tend to use the “stream” to get to its respective destination. This “stream” often overloaded. And I’m positive that you know what/who caused it.

Wordpress is heavy scripted when it comes to login with all of those securities, authentication, and everything else. Which means, there are many script that being requested and loaded to your device, all at once.

So I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to optimize your connectivity duration. But let’s hope that there was actually a plugin that does make them (script) lightweight (I’m no longer use Wordpress so I’m not entirely sure if there’s actually a plugin that does such thing).

In case of curiousity about shared hosting, hope this helps: Web Hosting Vs. Dedicated Servers | What Is Shared Hosting | GigeNET

Thank you!