Problem Uploading Images In wordpress

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

That I cannot upload images through wordpress and it is not telling any error codes to understand what is the error going in the backend. I have installed the latest wordpress from softaculous from control panel of the web hosting. I am thinking it might the issue with the file permissions so I gave a full “777” permission to the upload folder for the time being, however the issue is not solved yet.

I’m using this software: wordpress

Additional information:
If anyone could point me where (in which folder) the media library of the wordpress stores image files that would be helpful.

I was able to upload the images from the main dashboard but still unable to upload directly from posts, which means its not problem of file permissions now. I am clueless now why this is happening

Does the upload complete or not start at all? Could you maybe record it to show us?

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