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Cant upload files to a server

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I was tryin to upload wordpres files to a server, but they wont appear in htdcos…I tried multiple times…any thougts?

Try using an FTP client like FilaZilla

If this does not work, share your domain with us and we will try to help you out further.

Please note that there is a 10MB file size limit in hosting accounts


is it possible to change that?

The 10MB limit? The only way to do that is upgrade to premium hosting, however, you would have to ask someone else if that limit changes. To make the file smaller, You can split the HTML file into 2 parts and create a PHP file to join them together, but you would have to ask that to someone else that as well. Just throwing out some ideas here :grinning:

ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Just to let you know: if you want to install WordPress quickly, you can also install it through Softaculous.

If that’s not desired for some reason, you’ll have to extract the archive on your own computer and upload the extracted files with FileZilla.


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