Problem uploading backup

Whenever I send my backup to the uploads folder via FTP FileZilla using the host Infinity provided me, my upload is automatically deleted a few seconds after sending, what can I do to be able to upload my forum backup?


thx Ergastolator1
I believe my problem is htdocs
how do i solve this?
how could i load this backup on htdocs?

Since you’re uploading a backup, I had expected the file size to be a problem:

If not, then just navigate to the htdocs folder in your FTP client before starting the upload and you can upload the file there.


The problem was really the file size, is that I’m currently having a problem on my forum, and I needed to restore it using the backup, in this case of not being able to send more than 10Mb how can I then restore my forum?

These our official instructions on how to move a website to our hosting. Could you please try them?


I uploaded all the files to the htdocs folder but some of them are deleted and they do not contain more than 10mb, but I managed to make the forum work, however, as some files are deleted, the forum has a lot of problems like photos invisible deleted topics and even some lost accounts and settings but what really gave a problem was the website that after the backup keeps showing up that is not responding, then it comes back and the connection drops again, but luckily I was able to use this backup to be able to copy the old forum settings and create a new forum

well i remade the forum but i talked to the support of softaculous where i created my forum and they told me that whenever i upload it i will have problems saving my backup and i will always lose it,

for this they said if it is possible let my host update the softaculous as it contains an old version and that is why it is no longer possible to use their backup system because the backup is always thrown to the wrong directory [double] and so the forum stops working, the following error appears = [directory listing] when I open my forum link

is there any different way that i can backup my forum without having problems?

This is the official way to backup a website:

It’s very similar to how a website is migrated: simply copy the files and dump the database and store that somewhere. No backup plugins, installer software or other tools required.

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Ok Thanks for the help I will do this, it is already possible to close the topic

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