Problem Updating Database in PHPMyAdmin

I cannot update my database. I use PHPMyAdmin, but whenever I try to update something, it just does not load. I also wanted to update my tables to INNODB, but there is not even an option for INNODB. Please, let me know, what is the problem?

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Yes, free hosting does not support the InnoDB storage engine. So if that’s what you’re trying to update, don’t bother.

If you’re trying to update something else too, can you please clarify what exactly you’re trying to update? And how you’re trying to do so?

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I am also trying to create a symlink for my storage folder.

I create a file symlink.php


But, it does not work. Can you help?

You don’t have access to the paths listed you’re using, so your code is not allowed to create those links. Websites are restricted to accessing the files in their own document root. You can find the full path of your document root in the Addon Domain section in your control panel.


Thank you. According to what you said, this is the right path that I have to use to create a symlink for the storage in my public_html folder, but it still does not work:

<?php $targetFolder = '/home/vol1000_5/'; $linkFolder = '/home/vol1000_5/'; symlink($targetFolder, $linkFolder); echo 'Success'; ?>

Does PHP raise any error messages? Could you enable display_errors from your control panel and try again?

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