Problem trying to point Nameservers

I have already registered a domain and tried to point to these nameservers to point it to InfinityFree:


However, my panel in my domain registrar give me this error: search refused.

That error is completely expected because you just ran into an unfortunate catch-22.

You see, we require you to confirm the ownership of your domain name by setting the nameservers of the domain before you can add the domain name to your hosting account. By default, the nameservers will not contain any records for your domain name, those will be added when you add your domain name to your account.

However, your domain provider also requires you to ensure that you have set the correct nameservers by checking whether the target nameservers contain valid DNS records for your domain. However, since you haven’t been able to add the domain yet because the nameservers haven’t been set yet, there are no records yet.

So to set the nameservers, the DNS records need to be configured first but for the DNS records to be configured, the nameservers need to be set first.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way around it (like an alternate verification method) from our end at the moment. Maybe you could contain your domain provider to see if they are willing to set the nameservers even though the records haven’t been added yet.

be sure its these:

the other ones don’t work as they prob intended to do.

be sure its these:
the other ones don’t work as they prob intended to do.

Both sets of nameservers show the same records, so you can use the or nameservers or even both at the same time.