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I can’t setup subdomains.

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I tried setting up many subdomains on but it again and again redirects me to suspended domain website. I tried , , , , , and many more but it keeps redirecting me to suspended domain website. Please help!

Welcome, screenshot what you did and what happened will be more helpful.

Pls take note below:-

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I already flushed DNS.
I am already using Cloudflare DNS.
I already edited the Hosts file.
The working of the website is not my main concern. I know that it will start working soon. (Btw, thanks for sharing the link).

My main concern is I can’t set up subdomains on my main domain. I even tried using many different domains. One of them was named, but the domain itself got suspended. I tried many other domains too on which I couldn’t set up the subdomains. and was suspended in all the cases (I used .ga as root domain in all the domains I tested).

Please help me with the subdomain problem.

Did you use this?

If so, you created this mess yourself. Pls disable it first.

How did you setup in the first place? Screenshot will do.

This is likely a consequence of this issue:

Please check again in a few hours.


I meant by DNS Reslover : and
I use it as my default DNS server from my Router’s Gateway.
I think you misunderstood it with Cloudflare DNS with the DNS Server used by website…
But, It’s okay.

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Okay. Thanks for the information.

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