Problem setting up free SSL certificate

Username epiz_31744628

Label Website for
Main Domain

Error Message

In the section ‘Free SSL certificates’ I have this showing:

Domain = wh3tiqqk.epizy .com
Provider = ZeroSSL
Status = Draft
Created At = 2022-05-17
Expires At = -

When I click on ‘Verify’ I have this showing:

Record Name = _acme-challenge
Domain = wh3tiqqk.epizy. com
Destination = 86cf9a7b-634a-464e-b159-157f6021cd48.acmedns.infinityfree. net
Current Destination = (no CNAME found) Not Ready

Other Information

I have followed the user guide and viewed the video on how to get the free SSL certificate. In the video it shows how and where to enter the Record Name, Domain and Destination details.
When I go to Control Panel > CNAME Records I cannot change the domain name from to - Is this correct and will my SSL certificate activate correctly? I have entered all the other details ok as far as I know.

You cannot install an SSL certificate on your Main Domain. Besides, there’s no use doing so as the Main Domain always redirects to


To be clear: you’ll want to request an SSL certificate for the domain name that people actually visit to see your website. So in your case, you’ll want to request a certificate for

SSL certificates are created for domain names, not hosting accounts, so you cannot request a certificate for your entire hosting account by putting your main domain in the SSL manager.


What is showing and I am able to set is contradicting what you are saying, and what is shown in the help video. I have only entered the information I am able to enter, and which is generated automatically on the relevant pages, but I still have not got a certificate issued.
Surely you can access my settings and check that what is being presented to me is correct, I don’t see how I could have made an error as the options to enter any other details just aren’t there.

Did you setup your CNAME?

Please screenshot the control panel where you have added the CNAME records.

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Here are two screenshots of the relevant pages, thanks for replying:

Screenshot 2:

You should setup free SSL cert for, not


I think I have done it correctly now, I deleted everything and started again.
Thank you everyone for your help.

glad you were able to fix em.

It took three more attempts to get a valid certificate, kept getting not matching / not found errors, there is definitely a correct order to click buttons and enter details (would be a lot easier if it was all on one page).
I think I can remember how to do it, lets see when it runs out…


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