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Why can’t I view the contents of the tables in my database?
this notification always appears when I try to view the contents of the table.
can anyone handle this?

As I told you in a previous post, it is not recommended to setup phpMyAdmin on your own — simply use the phpMyAdmin tool shown in your control panel.

If there’s no good reason that you wanted to host a phpMyAdmin by yourself, then please give up on this one.


I don’t think that OP would even be able to connect to the database server externally let alone be able to fetch the tables. So it is likely that OP uses Infinityfree’s phpmyadmin.


Take a look at the URL at the start of the post. It is one of a custom PHPMyAdmin installation.


No, you didn’t read his previous post (while I do).
He IS hosting this phpMyAdmin instance by himself.

While it is true that we don’t allow remote MySQL, this isn’t remote. The instance runs on a IF server.


If that’s the case then give up on it already OP.

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Have you tried using adminer?

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yes, it’s pointing to my phpmyadmin infinityfree server. Actually, there are several reasons I use this.

no, I’ve read it. but there are indeed some considerations for me to use this method.

What considerations?


The only reason I can think of is Security, since the publicly hosted phpMyAdmin does not have SSL installed


Looking at the popup, my first guess would be that maybe you’re just clicking on the wrong thing. To view the contents of a table, simply click the name of the table in the list. That will bring you to the data view.


Does the infinityfree admin allow management of phpmyadmin outside of the hosting account?

if so, then I’d be looking for the error causing this unable to view the contents of the table.

MySQL remote access is not available on free hosting, so applications that use our database outside of free hosting won’t work.


If you want to manage your database with phpMyAdmin, I recommend to just use our phpMyAdmin installation. If you want to self host a database management interface, I suggest to try Adminer instead, which is much simpler and much easier to make work than phpMyAdmin.

Last time I tried to setup phpMyAdmin on a hosting account, I also wasn’t successful. I think phpMyAdmin doesn’t work well with our database configuration out of the box, which is why our phpMyAdmin installation has some custom modifications.


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