Problem loading my website

My website URL is:
What I’m seeing is:

504, page not found or ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE: This page isn’t working.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
The problem is present since the last few days and isn’t constant, but it happens quite often and for plenty of time.

  • 502 Bad Gateway.

All those errors happens one after the other.

The website loaded and is working for me. No errors are being displayed.


If this error still happens to you, it is because your DNS servers haven‘t recognized the change yet. This is all due to something called DNS propagation.

To speed up this browser,

  1. Clear cookies & cache
  2. Flush DNS (use ipconfig /flushdns in the Terminal on Windows to do so)
  3. Change to faster DNS servers

The problem is definitely not from the computer/browser/etc. since it happens on any other device I’ve tried. It must be somewhere else and it’s painfully annoying. I cannot, literally, use this website since I cannot even format a post (if and when I finally get inside) without losing connection with the database.

Yes, sometimes… Rarely.

I suspect that this may be caused by the load issues currently happening on the free hosting servers. In which case, there is not much you can do except for wait for the server admins to fix this.


Oh, thanks god!

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