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I have a problem, i have registred a domain name on amen.Fr and i have host my website on infinityfree but now my website show ads blueonb .com and i don’t understand why, i have check the dns but nothing. Can you help me please ? Thanks

And when i add a subdomaine like blog.blueonb .com, there is the page of suspension of ifast but my account isn’t suspended

Thanks for help

my infinityfreeusername account:

Kindly share the domain name.
Is it
Please add name server.

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You are using both name server which make problem
please remove amenworld ns1 and ns1

The DNS propagation is in progress
amenworld dns is as default, but i modified the names servers with epizy

You removed amen right ?
If yes then wait for a while.
DNS propagation take some time!

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yes i know, i’ts not my first domain and normaly there isn’t ads or a page like here ? no ?

Stop spamming your post. You only need one topic. That’s it.

Your nameservers are correct, you just need to be patient.


Ok thanks, and sorry

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it seems to me that you did not add a domain into the system
only just referred NS to hosting


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In this case, it seems like you setup everything correctly, but something went wrong on our end and caused the Bodis record to be set for you domain instead of the right data.

Seeing how this is a new account, you could just remove the domain from the account, and either add it back to this account or create a new account with the same domain. Either way, if you try adding the domain again, it should generate the correct settings.


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