Problem Creating Addon Domain (Solved)

So I created a addon domain and pointed my domain nameservers to and and the site still isn’t up :confused: know why? and my main domain is up but my addon domain isn’t working and yes I’m using as my host and I know you guys own that website so I’m asking for your help. Do I have to wait for it to go up or something? I dunno

Never mind :smiley: I just had to wait a couple hours and now the addon domain works! Your hosting is the best! Thx I will continue to use your premium hosting cause it rocks! I recommend premium to all free users of infinity free trust me it’s worth it

Every domain must go through a process called DNS Propagation. Which means that it may take some time ranging anywhere between few hours to 3 days. Basicaly your domain’s new nameserver changes must be applied to every ISP at world. Which means that the time how long DNS Propagation will take may be different for every user.

However we are happy to see that your domain is working now and that you are enjoying our Premium hosting :slight_smile: