Problem accessing my website

for the last 3-4 weeks I have been having problems accessing my website,, and it’s forums, I access my website everyday starting between 9AM and 11AM -7 UTM. But, every time I do so. the server does not send my website pages.

When I used the url I get a MS ISS7 Welcome page.
If I use the url, or it’s backups Index2.html and main.html, I receive a 404 error.
If I try to access the forums at I receive a 404 error.

This happens every day and lasts for 4-6 hours each day that I am a where of. My uses, as little as there is, is getting pissed off with this. And I totally agree with them. This is a major problem that I did not have prior to the supposed DDoS that took place 4-5weeks ago.

Something needs to be done about this.

You say you see a page of MS IIS? Because that’s from a Windows Server, and we don’t have any servers like that. So wherever that page is hosted, I’m fairly certain it’s not on our hosting.

I’ve also checked your domain’s settings and I don’t see anything unusual. Both your website and forum are working fine from here (but judging by your outdated IP.Boards installation, I would like to remind you that using our hosting for cracked software is not allowed).

Do all of your users experience this problem? Are you on a different network, device or ISP when the website is unavailable?

The IPBoard may be outdated, but it is not a cracked/nulled version and the registration is a valid one, just that there is no longer any support for it starting April 1st of this year.

All the uses that have sent me emails to my personal yahoo email, since my account here does not allow for support emails incoming/outgoing, are experiencing the same problem as I. In my locations, I usually try to access the website with one network. Then after two hours of no access I attempt to to so by using a totally different network. Just to have the same problem there.

I am able to access the CPanel of the account. And I am able to FTP into the account’s drive space.

UPDATE: At this moment I am able to access the website’s main page by the utl. But, the still brings up the IIS7 welcome page. And the forums are accessable again.

what gets me is that I am unable to attempt diagnose the problem from the website end as there is zero logs, error or otherwise, generated. So, I am unable to find out if the problem truly is on the server end or somewhere else.

Update to the update, the is now working as it should be.

This is what happens every day.

again, another update. The forums pages is receiving the 404 error again.

It’s all working fine from my end. The best explanation I can come up with is browser cache, but that shouldn’t behave so random and definitely not that long.

At this point any attempt to access any page directly brings up a Error 404. But accessing the main main index.html indirectly with the default url still works. At least for now it does.

Well, I guess this is not going to be taken care of since the main url is now serving the IIS7 Welcome page again. And all other pages/files are getting a 404 error.

I’d love to help fix this problem, but I can’t reproduce it on my end and I can’t think of anything that could possible explain this.