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I have installed Alidropship plugin but I encounter a license key activation error that I activated the license key and see the notification that it is activated successfully, however, I can’t use the plugin and I’m always redirecting to the license page. I followed all the steps that the official website taught but the problem still exists…

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

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I read the article.
As mentioned in that IonCube Loader is installed.
So Please contact their support.

And I do see that plugin costs 90$
And I am doubting whether you bought the plugin or using a nulled version of it.

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I saw many people in the forum said that ionCube Loader is already installed on free hosting of infinityfree. Is it correct?

And I have bought the plugin and got the license key but the error exists…

Ion Cube loader is installed.

Please contact their support.

If you bought a 90$ plugin to host on a free host, then I have my personal doubts.

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