privileges issues while trying to install piwik dashboard

Hello. I am trying to install piwik dashboard to analyze my data but on installation I get the next error:

Please fix the following errors:
Either the Database does not exist (and could not be created), or the specified User has insufficient privileges. Database user must have the following privileges: CREATE

You can add these privileges by using a tool such as phpMyAdmin or by executing the right SQL queries. If you don’t know how to do these things, please ask your sysadmin to grant these privileges for you.

How can I unable those privileges in my sql database user?

Create the database from the cpanel, that should work.

Yeah that what I did. But I couldn’t find where to setup privileges or so . Can you guide me on that?
those the steps I took:
cpanel > Mysql DataBases> Create New Database > >Create Database.

any my database was created. No place to setup anything.

You can’t manage the privileges yourself, but all normal database privileges are set.