Hi everybody! Are our files safe on InfinityFree? How much can we trust? How long can we get free service? What are our traffic and disk limitations? Can you answer them?

Your files are safe on InfinityFree, unless you put on them permissions to read, write and execute them or read and write them to all. You can get free services forever. The disk and traffic are unlimited, but you have to respect the Inode Limit and daily limits.

How much inode and daily limit ?

Inode Limit is set to 30019, while the Daily Hits are 50000. You can see the detailed graphs for CPU, RAM and I/O usage on the “Account Statistics” page of the Control Panel.


Ok. Thanks…

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Safe from who or what? Safe from data loss? Theft? Hacking?

In general, I would say “yes”, but for more information I need to know what you are worried about.

I’d say “ultimately”, but that it would be weird if I said anything else.

Again, what are you worried about?

From our home page:

For how long is the free hosting valid?

InfinityFree is free forever! There is no time limit for free hosting. You can sign up whenever you want and use it for as long as you want! Some people have been hosting their websites with us for years, without ever paying anything!

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