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I would be most grateful for ideas of how to make a PDF file of my entire website which consists of 150 mb of PDF documents. There is a thorough structure of the documents, starting with an Index of 8 Sections. Each Section consists of individual PDF files, all contained within sub-folders, each sub-folder having its own Index to the PDF files concerned.

It is so easy to navigate on screen, but I am required to supply a consolidated version on PAPER for a Court case. I would ideally prefer to merge everything on the website into a single PDF file, which would be portable and easily transferable without using the internet (i.e. USB storage); it would also enable me to automatically add consecutive page numbers to the entire file. But most important, I could then hit the PRINT button to create as many copies as I need as paper versions, which is mandatory.

As a website, it is extremely easy to navigate to each PDF file. Some sub-folders have perhaps five PDF files in them, others as many as 50 PDF files. I guess the average would be about 10 per sub-folder.

The only way that I can think of doing it is to open every Index and print the page. Then open save all the individual PDF files relating to that Index. Having worked through the entire website, I would have to combine all these documents into one large PDF file. It would be a fairly laborious job, but I suppose do-able !

There must be an easier way to achieve this, but at present the only other thing I can think of is to make paper prints of everything and then scan all the paper as a PDF file. That is not really a solution because the PDF file is also required to be searchable, and a paper scan would just be ‘photographs’ and the file size would be unimaginably large !

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I am sure there must be another way while keeping the same visual format.

Let me start by saying that trying to do this on any kind of web hosting, and especially free hosting, is either going to be very painful or straight up impossible. Our service is designed to host websites, your use case is really not what any sort of web hosting is designed for.

If you’re going to try to merge 150 MB of PDFs here, you won’t be able to save it because of the 10 MB file size limit, you’re likely going to run into the PHP memory limit. You probably will also have trouble with script time limits and, depending on how many times you try, the CPU limit.

I’m having trouble envisioning what your website looks like and what the generated PDF should look like. But If I were you, I would first copy the entire website to my own computer and look for suitable tools to merge the files there. You’ll have a lot more options if you can run everything through a document management program on your own system.


Your best bet would be to CTRL+P everything because of what the Admin said above. Or the solution offered as well.

Thanks but I think you have the wrong end of the stick. Everything on my website is HTML giving access to above 50 PDF files. The HTML code is essentially a series of Indexes and Sub-Indexes to the 50 PDF files, all of which I have uploaded from my computer. Therefore I do not need to download anything from the website. What I want to do is to reproduce a single consolidated PDF file from my OFF-line HTML code, including the Indexes, in as simple way as possible, so that if I have to make changes to the ON-line version, it will be easy enough to re-produce the OFF-line file again.

So… it’s a PDF file which is a list of other PDF files? Or a single, massive PDF with a huge table of contents listing all the documents?

Yes, it is the latter I want, namely a single PDF file with a table of contents, ideally with hyperlinks to the relevant page. The table of contents would have about 100 items / hyperlinks which currently link to 100 individual PDF files.
At present, as a website, there are nine top level indexes, and the rest are all sub-indexes (maximum three levels). So typically, one top level index would link to three sub-level indexes, each with perhaps two sub-sub levels. 50 of the actual PDF files are fairly evenly distributed among the sub- indexes, but one sub-index has about 50 PDF files.
I am happy to share the URL with you but I would not want to do so publicly.
Thanks for your help.

You could use a “HTML Sitemap generator” (Google knows a lot of them) and then convert the HTML sitemap to PDF using another service that converts HTML to PDF (Google knows a lot of these too).
You would get a PDF with all the links. The downside is that they wouldn’t be hierarchically organized like you want.

Thanks. That will do for me.

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