Printful Integration does not connect with Printful

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I am trying to connect my Printful woocommerce plugin with the Printful page to integrate and import items for my store, but the integration is not working, I contacted prinful support and they told me that the problem is that something is preventing the concession between my website and printful

I’m using this software: Wordpress (Printful Integration)

Additional information: I already contacted with printful support and they tell me that the problem is being caused because my server does not connect with them, they recommended that I delete the Key API, but it does not even load an API Key.

I don’t see any pop-up errors or anything, it’s like I’m not doing the action

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if you did this

then probably the reason is this:


Just to clarify: if I understand your message correctly, Printful says the issue is in the connection FROM your website TO Printful? And not the other way around?

If it’s the other way around, then I second @Oxy’s explanation. But that only applies on connections from other systems to your website, not from your website to other systems.

If it’s from your website to Printful, the issue is harder to debug, especially if your website doesn’t show any error message or anything else which might help indicate what the issue could be.

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No, I do not have any message because I have already made all the steps to be ready, when I give it to connect it simply does not take me where it should, so I cannot continue with the integration

I will try to explain in more detail what happens, when I click on the “Connect” button it will take me to the next page:

After giving “Approve” you should take me to this page:

instead it takes me to this page:

This page tells me the steps to integrate printful, but I already followed these steps and it still doesn’t work for me.

That looks more like it could be an error in the plugin. Either in the integration code itself or in the error handling. I wish I could help you, but if your website code just doesn’t work and doesn’t give any indication as to what’s actually happening, I can’t tell you what to do either.

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So what should I do? Could you try to get an old version of the plugin and try?

I tried and the same thing happened, after updating the plugin again to the most recent version in the “Status” tab of the plugin I get this error:

Could I? Perhaps. Will I? No.

I’m here to help diagnose and fix issues with our hosting service. On occasion, I check or edit code too, if doing is quicker to explain or if I’m just interested. But the rule is that we provide support for our hosting, not for your website code.

In this case, there is a plugin I don’t use, which needs to interact with a service I don’t use, which doesn’t work without providing any sign as to what the issue could be, including whether this is a hosting issue, plugin issue or service issue.

So I can’t help you at this stage. If you learn more and find a clear indication that this is a hosting issue, then I can take a look. But until then, I can’t help you. Maybe someone else would be willing to do so.

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I understand your position, I responded based on what the plugin tells me is the cause of the error in this case is “PHP script execution time limit” I think I’m not the only one who goes through this error.

First of all I contacted the plugin support to see if the problem comes from their address or servers and the information they give me and that the same plugin gives me comes from the aforementioned.

In you is the decision to modify or not the parameters or code, anyway thank you very much for the support.

Ah, right, that’s a detail I didn’t know before.

We have a script execution time limit of 20 seconds on free hosting. This is done to prevent abuse, and cannot be increased by you or by us. Most scripts work fine within this limit. If your script does something that it requires more than 20 seconds to run, that means the script cannot be used on free hosting. If so, you could consider upgrading your account to premium hosting, where this limit is configurable.


Ok, I understand, I will try to advance as much as I can with my free hosting and when it is ready I will upgrade

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