PrestaShop Installation

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Been checking the forum and I didn’t find any similar issue to the one I’m having, but I found a few topics regarding PrestaShop so I’m assuming you can install it, I just don’t know how, because from the 3 files I’m supposed to upload, only the zip file isn’t working, seems that the upload freezes before it ends. Tried to unzip the files and upload them separately, it worked, but once I tried to launch PrestaShop I got the message that it couldn’t locate the zip file to install PrestaShop (so I’m assuming it must be zipped in order for it to work). Did anyone had the same issue? How did you manage to make it work?

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If you’re having trouble installing it, maybe you could try to set it up with Softaculous instead? Softaculous can install many different software packages for you with only a few clicks.

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Simple: It can’t be installed on free hosting servers.

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