I have a question.
I would like to move towards a premium year-round upgrade. Except that at the moment I can’t.
Can I take per month and change along the way? Or if I take monthly, I couldn’t change.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

You shd direct your questions to


I took a prenium and also ask them the question.

But I am still not premium but my account is still not premium. Is this normal? Is there a waiting time?

Wait for them to respond.

And pinging admin is useless coz he disabled ping notifications and he cannot help with ifastnet

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It’s okay, they’ve done what is necessary.

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Your premium upgrades won’t show up here. If you order premium hosting, a new premium hosting account will be created for you, and iFastNet can import your domains and sites from your old account if you ask them to.

But this is all done on iFastNet’s side. You won’t see any reference to your premium services in our panel, because we simply don’t have access to iFastNet’s premium database.


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