Premium upgrade due to CPU

I was blocked due to overuse of CPU if I upgrade to premium How much CPU do I have?

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Much higher than free hosting


Yes but how much it blocked me pretty quickly and I’m interested to know how much CPU power I have if I pay

1 GB for the basic plan. On free hosting I think per account in is 128 mb.

If your free account is suspended, it’s because you hit the daily CPU limit. Premium hosting doesn’t have a daily CPU limit at all.

Both premium hosting and free hosting have limits of how much CPU power you can use at any single time. I think this limit is also higher on premium hosting than on free hosting, but I’m not sure.

So assuming your traffic isn’t all coming in at the same time, you’ll be able to use much more CPU power through the day in total on premium hosting than on free hosting.

How much exactly is impossible to say, due to how the limits are implemented.


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