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Hi, I’m new here, I was thinking of signing up to the premium plan to avoid daily hit limits and shut downs as the site hopefully grows. On your website it says the super premium plan offers unlimited daily hits, I’m assuming it’s not really “unlimited” what is the actual limit?

I’d also like to get clarification on one more thing, your TOS states that Multimedia content is not allowed unless it’s part of the site, are browser games acceptable?

I used to host one on InfinityFree and never got issues regarding it, you will be fine.

You need to contact IFastNet regarding it.


I used to host one on infinityfree and never got issues regarding it

-Cool, concerning the file upload limit, it’s 10mb on the free hosting plan, is this the case for the premium plan as well?

It isn’t. You can upload big files on it, to a condition that those must be a part of your website and not for download purposes.


Oh, that’s a relief, then I misinterpreted what I read. what’s the exact limit?

By the way.

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I got your message, In my response to jxstErg1, I was asking about the file upload limit on free and premium hosting and not the daily hit limits

I see, the exact upload limit on InfinityFree is 10KB for .htaccess, 1MB for PHP and HTML and 10MB for any other files.

Reason why I keep mentioning about contacting IFastNet is because IF does not provide premium hosting on its own and it technically sponsors that hosting, its staff may be able to assist you better regarding such questions.


There is no hard limit on hits on premium hosting. There are other limits such as CPU usage, entry process usage and so on that will create an upper bound for the maximum amount of traffic your website can handle.

However, because it’s not actually hits that are being measured, it will vary per website how many hits you can receive before your account would hit other limits.

There are no file size limits on premium hosting.

You’re still not allowed to use it for file hosting, backup storage and other things that are not related to normal website usage. You may also have a disk space limit for the entire account, and the underlying server will have a finite amount of storage too. But at least you won’t have to worry about your files getting wiped if you need to do an import for example.


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