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My site was suspended for hitting a daily limit and I am considering moving to premium hosting (as i have about 1k-2k visits/day and that was enough to hit a limit?), just wondering, would I be able to go back to free hosting if payment fails or something, or would it just terminate the site? Would it be easier to wait the 24hrs to get the site unlocked or migrate to premium and is the speed difference noticeably better?

I have seen multiple issues with sites periodically going down or FTP not working. As premium is running on the same infrastructure, could there be issues like that seen in free?

Hope I get a response from someone. Cheers.

Hello there,

While I’m not sure but I think your site will be moved to the free servers again.
Just make sure you take a backup of your site.

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I just bought Premium Hosting and their support page (How to transfer your site to iFastnet) says to give them host login details (in this case infinityfree), which seems like a massive security flaw?

I think that’s a necessary thing to do because they will migrate/transfer your hosting account for you including your MySQL Databases and Files so you don’t have to do all this migration hassle yourself.

They operate the hosting system for InfinityFree. You will need to give them the information they require so they can migrate the data.

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They said to just use another host and they refunded me. I’ll wait until my site is reactivated and see if it works fine on free hosting.

If iFastNet pulled in your domain to their premium servers, then I’m not sure what would happen. You would need to ask them to be sure.

But if they never initiated the premium hosting transfer, then your domain will be on free hosting where you left it.

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Is it fine to just leave my website here because it’ll be reactivated in 11 hours, would it still work as iFastNet says use another host when I bought premium, is that only because it’s suspended or just in general?


I’m sorry, but please bump only if it’s morethan 24 hours.

Okay, but now my site doesnt even redirect to, is there issues with sites right now?

What’s your URL?

I don’t know if there is an issue with your sites. Do you have any reason to believe that there is an issue?

I don’t know why they refused you service. Your account was suspended for hitting a resource limit, and moving to premium hosting is an option we tend to encourage.


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