Pre-existing Cloudflare email setup & transfering domain to a new host


I have not setup an email account at my current host, and emails @ my domain are being forwarded to my gmail account by Cloudflare, and I receive them, no problem.

My question is: if I leave my current host and start using InfinityFree, will there an interruption in my email delivery? or is email independent of the host?

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As for your problem, I don’t think moving to another host should affect how you receive your emails.


in general, you can do it “without any problems”

CF simply intercepts it with the help of the other DATA you gave it in the DNS section during creation and email routing

But to add a domain to this hosting you need to use our NameServers first

and once you add the domain here

then back to Cloudflare NS

in that time (approx. 10 minutes - if you are fast and everything goes smoothly) the mail will probably not work

because you will not use Cloudflare but our NS (until you return to Cloudflare NS)
and it becomes your proxy again.

so that all DNS data that CF pushed into DNS records for that email routing
I assume they won’t be available (because you don’t go through the CF server)


Thank you @YT_Xaos for taking the time to reply, and the reminder about community guidelines; guess I just jumped the gun on that one!

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Thank you for explaining it so thoroughly.


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