Prax.epizy my webapp is only showing file directory

Greeting guys, I have uploaded a website to htdocs folder. I have deleted all the previous content in there. So now, M webpage is up for 3 days but only shows up directory listing when I got to mentioned URL.

I double checked the forums and found php scripts that goes inside index.html - index.php at this moment. Now, my htdocs contains Index.html, style.css and img folder, and index.php. URL still redirects to directory folder and php gives me 404 ( tried to delete index.html, left only php and vice versa

What should I do so my page can show up at desired URL instead of URL/index

rename Index.php to index.php , then clear your cache :slight_smile:


That was quite easy. I feel so stupid now. Anyway, .php gave me 404 again, but index.html did the trick.

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