Post your websites (for fun)

post your websites here

why ?

For fun

lets see your site then :smiley:


Of course, accauly i have many, cheak it out this ones outdated

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nice :+1:

the middle one that you say was stolen looks like site builder has saved its index.php there, if your original site was index.html then just delete the index.php and reload the page to see your original site

if however your site was originally index.php then sitebuilder should have renamed it before creating its own index.php so have a look with site manager or ftp client for another index file in htdocs that you can rename to regain your site

heres my website


Ha, i remember now, i thought i was doing that on another website

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if you do visit my website please take the time to visit my gallery so you can
enjoy my “wonderful artwork” :stuck_out_tongue: like this example lmao


legos online
and the old domain

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Definitely needs dental :laughing:

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here a online tools website 50% done
what improvements can i do?


im NaN years old :smiley: