Post limit

it says i cant make any more replies for 23 hours?

This is caused because you are the lowest trust level, AKA a new user. This said you cannot make more than a certain amount of replies within a 24-hour range. But please refrain from creating a topic just for this. Thank you


New users can only post so many times because the system will flag you as a likely spammer. You will be able to post again in 24 horus.

Note that there is also a limit as to how many topics you can create.


Also, please remember that this is a forum, not a live chat system. You’re supposed to collect your thoughts and write a proper post, not just jot down whatever comes up in your mind and hit post right away.

Doing so will help prevent situations like here where you create 7 post in 20 minutes, one of which is just “ok!”. Please do your research and tests and collect your thoughts before hitting reply to avoid posting messages without content.


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