Port (21) failed... Error - 10049

I am attempting to use Core FTP Server.
For Domain Name. I enter : faukjzxx.epizy.com
For Domain IP/Address, I enter:
I tick ‘Resolve’
I tick ‘IPv4’
For Port, I enter: 21

In User Details
For User Name, I enter: epiz_27308088
For Password, I enter the FTP password for my account
for Home directory, I enter: htdocs\epiz_27308088

has anyone else had a similar or same problem and if so, how did they resolve it?

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I don’t think that is correct, just either enter htdocs or leave it empty.

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Leave the “Home directory” field empty.

Hi guys, thanks so much for the quick response, however, I removed everything from the “Home Directory” as well as simply leaving ‘htdocs’ in there and both times I still get the same error messages;
Bind on port (443) failed… Error - 10049
Bind on port (21) failed… Error - 10049

have you any other suggestions?

There are two things in your post which catch my attention.

The first is that you’re referring to a “Core FTP Server”. I don’t know that software, but the name implies it’s an FTP Server. Most of our users don’t want to run an FTP server, because you need an FTP Client, not server, to connect to an external FTP server.

We run an FTP server so you can transfer files to our hosting servers. You can use an FTP client to connect to it.

If you want to expose files on your own computer over the internet, you could install an FTP server. But that’s unrelated to a hosting account.

Yep, this is DEFINITELY an FTP server. Which is probably not the software you’re looking for.

Additionally, I see there is one crucial value missing, which is the FTP Hostname. This should be ftpupload.net, which points to the IP address


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