Pointing /wp to my .com address

Hey guys,

I have my domain http://www.impossiblynow.com. The nameservers are set up correctly and it’s loading the InfinityFree default landing page. However I want it to load my Wordpress site which I have installed through the Softaculous apps, which is currently pointing to www.impossiblynow.com/wp

Can anyone help with this please?


Ur website is fine… And everything is fine… But one thing to note that u have installed WordPress in a hurry… I request you to note that the installation is done in /wp dir, and this is wrong. If you want your site to come in on your main domain… Then go to softaculous, then remove this installation and click return to overview… then in the option (in directory) it is written wp… make it blank and do your installation… Hope the issue is solved!

You have two options to fix this. You can:

  • Move your WordPress site following the official documentation: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex
  • Remove this WordPress and install it again through Softaculous to the right folder.

But next time, please make sure to double and triple check your input before clicking the Install button. Editing a few fields on the installation form is a lot easier than migrating a website later on.

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