Point domain at site using 3rd party nameservers

I verified domain ownership by changing nameservers, added my domain (let’s call it example.com) and then changed NS back to default at my registrar. I looked up the ip address for main domain and changed the A record in my 3rd part domain host’s dns to point at the ip. I had already moved a wordpress site from another host to the root of the hosting account which was working fine with the alias added domain, but I believe the domain now points to the domain directory created when I added the domain - example.com. Do I move the site files to that domain directory, or can I configure it to point to the account root?
Update: I added an index.html file to the domain directory and that works so it does seem I have to move the site files there. Just wanted to confirm this because the domain verification/add process here is a bit non-standard.

On free hosting, you cannot customize the document root of a particular domain name. So if you want to move a website to a different domain, you need to move the files to the directory of the domain as well.

Ok, that worked - thanks for the confirmation.