Point dns w/o nameservers

how do i point records to this host without nameservers?

it says i can’t create an account without a nameserver pointing to it.

Unfortunately, you can’t. You’re going to have to use another registrar or domain extension.


did i really pick the only registrar and host that are incompatible?

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What can I say… it would seem so :no_mouth:

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It’s even worse… if you recently registered the domain, then at least 60 days must pass
to be able to transfer the domain to another registrar.

  • The domain must not have been registered within the last 60 days.
  • The domain is not within 7 days of expiration if the registrar you are leaving does not permit accepting outbound transfers.
  • You should try to avoid transferring domains within 45 days of your most recent renewal. This is due to the fact that you will lose credit for that renewal and your only remedy is to try to get a refund from your current registrar.

Yep… and they don’t allow refunds on domain names.

I guess I’m forced to find a different host if i want to use what i paid for in the first 2 months…

2 months will pass quickly

And if you transfer the domain to another registrar, you have one more advantage:
in most cases (check first with the desired registrar) your domain will be automatically renewed for additional +1 year (e.g. namesilo) and this is included in the transfer price.

You don’t have to spend those two months waiting
rather, you spend that time building the website (code), testing, optimizing, creating social network accounts that will bear your domain name (service), and so on… it all depends on what you intend to have in the website.

Also during that time you can use one of the free subdomains here on the hosting and see if you are satisfied with the service here.

In most of the cases known to me, I know of only one free hosting that does not require that NS must be referred before adding the domain and it works even though their UI protests :smile:
But that hosting is problematic in other aspects because I could not have normal text on my website, without that page automatically leading to a 403 error because they have a specifically stupid and aggressive protection software that looks for “unwanted words” in the text or code…
Words such as combinations of robot, sex, love, etc., which are often found in normal text as well.
and then they block file/page without any notification.
they lack a lot of functions for .htaccess and error pages,
and worst of all, they don’t have support for TLS certificates, but you have to pay to be able to put a free cert that you can generate everywhere. This can be solved with Cloudflare, but then you can only use “flex mode”
for all other forms, such as “full” and “full strict”, you have to install a cert on origin, and that hosting charges for it , and of course, there is also no option to install a self-signed certificate there.


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