Point DNS to other Host

I’ve searched cpanel for a link to view and point my DNS to another host, but with all the search I’ve done, I was unable to find a single link that I could go in and manually point the DNS to another host.

What’s the explanation for the lack of ease of this service? infinityfree.net makes it very easy to point DNS to its hosting, but has not provided, none that I’ve seen, to point DNS to other host.

I need immediate assistance to find and point my DNS to a new host. I don’t feel there’s enough transparency to do it on infinityfree.net. It was very easy to point my DNS from my previous host to its free hosting because that link was in plain sight, but at infinityfree.net, that link seem hidden. Why?

How can I locate my DNS to point to other hosts?

Thanks so much.


I’m sorry, but I’m not entirely sure what you mean by pointing DNS to another host.

If you would like to use our DNS service but host the website itself elsewhere, that’s not possible I’m afraid. You get limited DNS control on a free account, and you cannot change where the domain itself points to.

However, depending on how you got your domain and where you plan to host the website, you could probably use the nameservers of the other host or use the nameservers of your domain provider.