Plugins Bugados

as vezes alguns dos meus plugins bugam, mas testei em outras hospedagens e não ocorreram, como o elementor não carregando a barra lateral, ou o woocommerce não me permitindo inserir meu estado ou exibir a caixa de entrada, o que poderia está causando isso?

sometimes some of my plugins bug, but I tested on other hosts and didn’t occur, like the elementor not loading the sidebar, or woocommerce not allowing me to enter my state or display the inbox, what could be causing this?

These 2 plugins do not work well on free hosting as the system requirements were exceeded.


So there’s nothing you can do?

Well you can upgrade to premium hosting


without conditions at the moment, is there no other that does not occur these bugs and that is free?

Sadly no. These plugins worked better on paid hosting


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