Plug in problems Brizy

Installing Plugin: Brizy – Page Builder 2.1.5

Downloading installation package from…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home/vol14_1/

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

I tried to upload via filezilla and i couldn’t see the plugin in the plg ins section at all . So i did a reset to my site and tried again but still i get the same error… Any ideas? ty

Hello It Looks Like Brizy Package size is Above 10 MB.So you need to install it Maually . Try Reading Below Articles


Ty for the answer but as i said i already did that and it doesn’t work , anyways i try something else it seems

You tried to install It with Auto-Installer Built with Wordpress But i said you to install Manually

Also Brizy is Above 10 Mb I gave you article Also


InfinityFree limits the size of files to 10 mb, unfortunately Brizy’s package is more than 10 mb.
So as a workaround, you can manually download the plugin locally and extract it locally and upload them with the help of the article provided by @anon12237952


Can you please double check you’ve uploaded the right folder of the plugin to the right folder of your site?

In your website should be a folder In there should be a folder with the name of your plugin brizy, and directly within that folder should be a file called brizy.php. If that’s not the case, then you didn’t upload the right files to the right location, and WordPress doesn’t identify the code as a plugin.


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