Please stop suspending my site I need it back

**My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:

I’ve redirected my domain to a different hosting site please get rid of this I have no time right now and really need this domain

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I checked your domain and the DNS changes to the other hosting provider are propagated to me. Please check this article from the “This redirect is caused by browser cache or DNS cache” part to learn more about browser and DNS caching; also clear your browser cache and flush your DNS cache in order for your website to work fine.


It sounds to me like your browser’s cache is taking you to that page. I tried visiting your site and got this:

Keep in mind that once you change your domain’s DNS to point to somewhere else, InfinityFree no longer has any control over it, and it won’t redirect to InfinityFree’s suspended site screen even if it was suspended here. This, plus the fact that I see a different host’s 404 page (which does not belong to IF) makes me positive it’s either browser cache, or network cache on your end. You can get rid of the cache (and view what the site looks like currently) by clearing it. Doing that depends on your browser. This article may help you:


fixed thank you


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