Please read, Admin

This is only for @Admin - please leave if you are not.

I’d like to be a moderator and a helper on the forum.

You’re not the first person to make this request - several others have done so in the past.
This thread is a useful read, and links to other two threads with similar requests:

I believe the Admin’s answer from October 2020 has not changed:

Given that you’re posting from a new account, I don’t believe you can fulfill the activity requirements.

That being said, if you have a desire to help people and want to be a helper, as you mentioned, you can always do that! You do not need a rank to answer questions and be able to assist others; if you have time to devote, and knowledge along with a researching desire, you can help in posts, and rise in the forum while doing so. In fact, the 3rd level rank, Regular, is attained based on forum activity.

By the way, I think it’s obvious I’m not Admin, but I don’t believe I need to be him to be able to answer your query. I’m certain the other moderators and Admin would say something along those lines, especially since requests like yours have been made and answered similarly in previous times.


What about being a leader?

It doesn’t work that way simply asking different roles lol :joy:

Unless you’re seeking something specific, roles don’t really matter. Your value stays with what you do, not what the name tag says.



The considerations for a Leader are the same as for a moderator. But because Leaders have less power than moderators, the bar is lower of course.

But all I’ve seen from you is this very topic. So I don’t know you, your judgement or your commitment.

If you want to help on the forum, you already can, and we’re happy to have you! You can help by keeping an eye on the new posts and helping people who are asking questions. That’s honestly the best kind of help you could give, and it doesn’t require any special privileges or permissions to do.

If you can show that you’re willing to stick around, be helpful and respectful, and handle conflict well, then we may trust you to also pick up moderator responsibilities.


Thanks for the quick and lengthy reply :slight_smile:
I am so glad to be able to help, with and without a badge, and hopefully, eventually, this’ll be rewarded with a leader badge and a moderation shield, one day.

I see you’ve been replying to a few topics. Which is good, except that the topics you replied to were already solved, and either you were confirming that or repeating information that was already stated just before.

Privileges are awarded based on trustworthiness, not on post count. So please think about whether you have anything to add to the discussion before replying. Simply copy pasting a “thank you for your question, please come again” reply, or repeating what others have said, is not helpful.

And if I am to trust you to help keep the forum clean, making a mess of the forum by copy-pasting empty fluff posts is not helping your case.