Please reactivate my acount

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

epiz_27614672 (Website for

Error Message

no error message

Other Information

Hii, my account (epiz_27614672 (Website for
was suspended for over usage, I understand my mistake and I will not repeat in the future, please forgive me and reactivate the account, my visitors are worried and are trying to contact me, I have to do one blog-post, please forgive me, even I have purchased the domain. I hope you understand and reactivate my account…

Just wait for 24 hours.


I’m sorry but once an account is temporarily suspended for overusage like that there’s nothing we can do to reactivate it sooner. You must wait out the 24 hours and it will reactivate automatically at that time.


pls send WordPress backup I will host in any other site

i tested it in DH, if you try to reactivate a temp suspended domain it will say: This website was suspended by an Admin and cannot be reactivated due to safety reasons

ok thnq

A suspension is a suspension. You cannot avoid it. No one can. All hosting providers have limits (excluding VPS, etc), you will not find a hosting provider that doesn’t.

You went over the limits and your account got suspended for 24 hours. Like we’ve said in the other 100+ topics, we do not reactivate accounts on request.


You cant do nothing until the suspension gets over

My accounts were also suspended but instead I did not receive a reason and it happened when I logged in, try sending a support ticket or waiting 24 hours.

Please provide screenshot.

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