Please reactivate

Please reactivate
I am a teacher in charge of lunch dinning of my school. My site has been suspended.
I am very sad and want to cry~. Why? Why? Why?
This website is a Lunch Dinning System for Dacun Elementary School on Taiwan.
It is used for recording students and teachers’ lunch dinning requests.
We use this system to calculate lunch fees and to tell lunch providers how much to pay. As it’s in the middle of semester, we have a lot of data stored.
The site has been up and running for 5 years. We don’t know what’s going wrong.
It would be a total disaster for our school to lose all the dinning and fee data.
Please DO NOT DELETE the site. Please reactivate this site.
Please reactivate this site.

Regards, Bill Xu

There should be a button in the Client Area allowing you to open a ticket.
Please open a ticket there, since this is the forum we cannot help you much.
Best Regards


Actually free hosting not having any support for backup.
You should took periodically bt unfortunately u missed it.
So kindly raise the support ticket as soon as possible before the data cleared from server also.

And move to premium hosting for avoid this kind of issue in future.

Since the site seems reactivated, I just wanted to tell you to make sure that you take a periodic backup of your data. You are responsible for your own data, and once an account is deleted its contents are gone forever and there is no way to recover them at all, so ensure that you implement backup measures to avoid a catastrophe in a similar situation.

That being said, I hope you never have to experience a similar situation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry :heart:


iFastNet doesn’t provide auto backup on their starter plan :rofl:, not sure about others

I’m sure HELPINDIA is referring to the inactivity suspension, which does not occur on premium hosting.


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