please open the following hosting accounts

please open the following hosting accounts:
username: epiz_17223803
password: Sln01265834981
email: [email protected]
password: Sln01265834417635
second account:
Username: epiz_17223803
email: [email protected]
password: Sln01265834981
username: zahiruddinfarid
I will wait to can install hosting free from all your web

Please, do not post your username and password on forums. Im not sure what you mean open accounts, but in order to start using Infinityfree you need to activate your account throught verification link.

I not see have a link activated . please send for me a link activated. I will wait send for me a link activated. ok

First of all, this is one hosting account, not two.

Second, I cannot reactivate your account because of your carelessness. Consistently posting your password in a public place (even InfinityFree staff will only very rarely ask for passwords) opens up your account to abuse.

Finally, this is an English language forum and web hosting service. Please post your messages in English.

@Admin i think he may not understand what is this forum purpose, or he is from some other country and he is not very familiar with English. He maybe thought that this is a private support board where only admins see he’s password. Its always trouble with people who do not understand english (wasntme)

how to can oen control panel? I need tutorial about this forum. I come from vietnam. ok

how could control panel Oen? I need guidance on this forum. I come from Vietnam. torch