Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name to start working everywhere

3 gün oldu ve hala hesabımda bu hatayı alıyorum daha önce kurduğum siteler bir kaç saat kadar sürmüştü kontrolunu sağlarmısınız


It has been 3 days and I still get this error in my account. Could you check the sites I had built before it took a few hours.

Your domain must be pointed first to Infinityfree nameservers: &

and may I know your domain link?

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Domain name? please speak in English?

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Clear your browser and dns caches.

Please put your domain link so we could check it for you.

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lutfen ingilizce konushun!

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I could see your domains and… is working fine. is working fine too.

Clear your browser caches to see it for yourself.


And you must upload your site into


Turkey does not appear in the server

Wdym? Turkey appears in Asia, not in our servers.
If you mean Turkish lang, then can you Describe exactly?


Just clear your browser caches and it wll be fine.

and it gives this error my site is not working exactly and yes turkish language

and it gives this error my site doesn’t work exactly yet

Can you please use our upload tool? This site is too slow.
Edit: it isn’t even an error???

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Its normal for everyone. Everytime you go to your control panel, you will always see this/that message, and its normal. So you don’t have to worry about that one, just clear your browser caches and everything will work fine.


no it doesn’t hurt in turkish language i can login with vpn

What do u mean? Why you use VPN? It is okay to not to use vpn when accessing infinityfree control panel.

Please do not describe the issue in 7 letters

It’s something going with you ISP.