Please may I know why my website ip address in infinityfree showing 403 forbidden nginx



I have tried to reach my site with the website ip address issued by infinityfree after registration but it keeps showing me 403 forbidden Nginx in the browse and I have tried to use all the browsers in the world but it keep showing 403 forbidden Nginx, while it should be showing the index2.html in the htdocs folder please I need help on this.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Check on Cloudflare (in DNS settings) that A record leads to the right IP

Please look in the client area (after choosing acc)
it says Website IP

this is normal because that IP is not only from your website, but that IP is shared by thousands of other websites (cluster).


and never mix NS

delete these in yellow


when you mix NS then, depending on which one is currently serving, it returns the wrong data.

And when you delete that NS (on Freenom), then wait for DNS propagation (max 72h)


So how do I get my website because I don’t really understand so much about infinityfree honestly a friend recommended me to infinityfree, I have pointed my domain by updating the nameservers in my domain but it still not showing the website or the index2.html in my htdocs folder.

Very simple - sit down and read everything I wrote (especially this related to NS, where you have unnecessary ones in yellow).


It depends on which htdocs you are looking at…
If you added the domain as an addon domain then the name will start with <yourdomain>/htdocs

I see it and your site is through Cloudflare

and NS are fine now



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