Please let me know if server/websites restored because mine is not

I am uncertain from reading the System Error page - has everyone’s website been restored because mine has not. The red banner at the top of this forum which was there for the past 3 days is gone - is it resolved? Please let me know because my website still says the 500 error - and it disappeared exactly at the announcement time - is it all restored - in which case something is wrong with my account which was fine for months until this happening. Thank you. If anyone can just tell me - has it been resolved for most?

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As far as I can tell, hosting functionality was fully restored. And HTTP ERROR 500 was never part of the known error messages of the outage, the outage resulted in 502 Bad Gateway errors. A 500 error is usually caused by crashing PHP code.

The most likely explanation to me is that your website was upgraded to PHP 8.2 during the outage (more specifically: the PHP upgrade triggered the outage), and your website isn’t compatible with PHP 8.2, causing your PHP code to crash.

If so, the server won’t be “restored” to PHP 7.4. Instead, you’ll need to update your website to work with PHP 8.2. If you’re using off-the-shelf software, the solution is usually to update your website software to the latest version. If not, you will need to update your website code yourself.


Thank you. Uncertain how to proceed. I am a relative novice, built a website which is receiving hits worldwide, and do not know how to do what you have said. I installed pivotx on mine - it worked fine until now - and now the 500 code shows as you said ever since restoration. I will explore this, however, not sure how to do as you explained. I will research. Thank you for letting me know.

I checked and it does not say it is outdated. I will keep looking around - disturbed because entire website is gone - unless i can figure this out. Again, checked and says nothing outdated on installations.

So, I’m in all the files, etc. - see no way - do not understand how to do as you said. “. Instead, you’ll need to update your website to work with PHP 8.2. If you’re using off-the-shelf software, the solution is usually to update your website software to the latest version. If not, you will need to update your website code yourself.” - I am trying - says it is all updated - is there anything I click in my control panel to do this? I am at a loss as to how to do this. Thank you for any advice you can provide - a good website I put much work into - and now I do not know how to do as you said.

Again, thank you for letting me know it was restored - except it has caused mine not to function. I used Softalacious to instal pivotx - both indicate up to date - I do not want to lose all my content and website. Any advice because I looked at the php administration - nothing to do there - do not know how to proceed.I have my own domain attacked to a pivotx build.

Well, Pivotx does not update any longer - it is what I used - if anyone can tell me how to proceed, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you. I am a novice - learning - and thought I had done well relatively and now this - so any guidance on what to do - even how to access my content - because I see no way - though there must be a way. Thank you.To update the code…not sure how to update it in this way. I am sad - put much work into my website and bought domain and had traffic - now this. Any guidance is appreciated.

I see upgrade to Premium - if I do this - will they help migrate it because I do not know how. If I click upgrade and pay - will my website be able to be restored by ifastnet/migrated even though I used pivotx to build it?

So, since I have no idea how to do this, any way to salvage - copy my content - since it doesn’t allow me to see anything - except my control panel and file manager. I;m really disturbed as it seems all is gone if I cannot proceed with my lack of knowledge on how to do this. I know hot to insert code - if I knew where and what - that is all.

So, if I upgrade to a premium will someone be able to help me get what I have created back? Thank you. I apparently cannot do this alone with my lack of kowledge. I could create my website - I cannot do anything with this upgrade your hosting has installed. Please let me know - can I pay to premium and get help restoring it? If so, tell me how - because when I click ifastnet it appears as if just beginning - I want my current account upgraded if someone can then help get this done.

Ever since you corrected the server errors/downtime over past few days, my website is gone. Was told here that my code must be updated to 8.2 - I am unable to do this. I built my website using pivotx and cannot understand what to do. I knew enough to build my site, now it is gone, has a domain attached and worldwide visitors regularly - now it is gone. Can infinityfree either change it back so my website is visible and I can access it - or if I pay for premium will ifastnet migrate it and make it so website using pivotx will work again? I do not have the knowledge to do this. I built a good website - now it is all gone. I need assistance. Why not just make it as it was before for me? Thank you.

Because PHP7.x is outdated and does not receive any security updates, plus most of modern applications nowadays do not work with a lower PHP version than 8.0.

Premium hosting does offer hardened php which means the PHP7.x version on them receives unofficial security updates.


The main advantage premium hosting has for you right now is that premium hosting has a PHP version selector, which lets you downgrade your account to PHP 7.4. If upgrading to PHP 8.2 is not feasible right now, for example because the software you’re using hasn’t been updated to be compatible with PHP 8.2 yet, that may help you get your website online.

Premium hosting does include ticket support. However, please be aware that premium hosting is not managed hosting, you’re still responsible for maintaining your own website.

I noticed I forgot to link to this KB article:

This guide helps to get more useful errors. I enabled it on your site, and saw this error:

Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

That very clearly indicates that the issue is caused by your website containing code that’s not supported by this PHP version.

While looking to see what the status is at PivotX regarding support for PHP 8, it looks… disappointing.

According to both Wikipedia and Softaculous, the last release of PivotX was from 2015. The official website appears to be down. However, it does seem that someone (who I’m not sure is the original creator) is continuing the development of PivotX on GitHub, with a prerelease version that support PHP 8.2: Release 3.0.0 RC 3 · pivotx/PivotX · GitHub

For now, you could either choose to upgrade to premium hosting (so you can run an older PHP version where your site can still run on), or perhaps try updating your website using the prerelease version of PivotX 3 from GitHub.

Also, I merged your topics.


Thank you! I think I will upgrade to Premium and then run the older PHP - sounds like my solution right now to immediatly restore it - then I’ll consider next steps I may take in the future. Again, thank you for helping me.


Question: I have tried to reach the ifastnet customer service and still no reply. Before upgrading to Premium, would like to know if the ifastnet will migrate it and also is a button available for me to downgrade it to 7.4 again so my website is visible and I can access it?

I do have that github file on my computer zipped - but do not know how to upload it so Softalicious can find it - do not not see where to put the new pivotx file which is 8.2 or else I would do that - if I did that, would after install it automatically receive all my pages from the old install?

Just need it to 7.4 sounds easiest but not hearing from ifastnet so far makes me reluctant to proceed as I do not know if that cpanel gives me a buttom to step down to 7.4 or must it also be coded even if simply.

Wish there was a way to reach them or maybe someone here can at least answer the question as to whether it is a simple button to downgrade that php - also, is there a button to cancel subscription before a new month or is that also dependent on reaching their customer service? Thank you.

yes - your free site can be migrated to premium

In the premium control panel there will be a PHP version setting (Not sure what it is actually called, but it is there)

Reliant on customer service. You always can tell your credit card company to block those payments though - that will technically work as well.


The best way to contact them is through their support portal on Note that you’ll need to sign up for a separate account there, their support portal doesn’t share a login system with anything else.

If you already submitted a ticket there, you may want to check it to see if there was any reply. Sometimes the emails get marked as spam, so it’s possible that you already got a reply but just didn’t get the notification.

Softaculous manages their own software catalog, there is no way for you to add your own scripts and versions. And Softaculous typically only adds versions of software after they are officially released, which PivotX is not.

Instead, you can try to update your site by hand. Usually, it’s as simple as just copying the files from the new version on top of the existing website, overwriting all files. Then just try to login, and it should guide you through the update procedure.

There is an option in cPanel called “Select PHP Version” that does what it says on the tin. Simply select the version you want from a dropdown, and you’re done.

One note about older PHP versions: the updates in GitHub say that the prerelease version adds support for PHP 7 and 8. We used a custom version of PHP 7 that was a bit more friendly to outdated software, but premium hosting doesn’t have this. So you may need to downgrade to PHP 5.6 for your site to work.

My general impression of PivotX is that is was pretty much abandoned. So to future proof your site, you may want to consider switching to a different blogging platform that is still being actively developed.


Yes, thank you. I will do as you have said (you and othes have been so helpful to my understanding). I will plan to seriously consider changing my platform from Pivotx once I have restored the site.Thank you for helping me.

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