Please I usually get this error anytime I want to validate my sitemap andy sitemap is not working

Incorrect http header content-type: “text/html” in WordPress sitemap

Any idea on how to fix it

That probably means that your sitemap couldn’t be found, but I don’t know since you didn’t provide much info at all.




So the cause of the problem is my browser?

Yes my sitemap couldn’t be found in Google search console and i tried to validate it with xml sitemap validator thats the error I got in return please what’s the problem

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No, the problem is that our hosting blocks sitemap validators. But you can just submit it to search engines and it will work.


give us the address of your site (sitemaps) and we will check it


every browser sends something called UA (user agent)
depending on it, some plugins generate different sitemaps,
so they show different results depending on whether the person visited (browser)
or search bot engine (which is identified differently through UA)

Generally you don’t need to worry about sitemaps so much as long as search engines are allowed to inspect your site…they will index it at some point,
and probably follow those specified URLs in your sitemaps generated by that plugin.

But you can always visit the articles I linked here and follow them and adjust according to your wishes


An alternate easy way to make google find your website is buying domain with name: .com with unique name. And domain is registered with your real id on domain whois - lookup. The contents will follow as is. It’s just my experience. I don’t understand xml at all. I’m sorry for my poor english.

Okay my pages have been indexed but the sitemap isn’t responding hope that won’t be a problem later in the feature

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