Please I need a detailed answer asap: I can't find wp-contents folder

Please I need help. :pray::pleading_face:
I updated some of my plugins, it wasn’t fully updated and then my site was suspended. After 24hrs, I logged in only to see “There has been a critical error on your website” I Googled some answers and they were suggesting I go to the wp-contents folder and do some stuff there, but I couldn’t find my wp-contents for my main domain other than the two subdomains I have.

Please help!
This is my first time asking questions here

Can you tell us more details, please?

That’s it. I was adding some touches to my site and decided to update some of my WordPress plugins. While in the process of updating, my site got suspended by infinityfree for CPU usage.

And today (after 24hrs) I visited my website and its showing that WordPress error… There has been a critical error on your website. Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

So I want to deactivate the plugins via wp-contents folder, but I can’t find it on my file manager

You may communicate with the InfinityFree help center

Also I don’t know much this. I just created my first site

Can you try using FTP clients such as FILEZILLA.

Where can I find the FTP

Find username,pwd,host,port in your IF client area and then connect using FileZilla and upload your website!

I haven’t backed up my site yet

Sorry,I am looking after 3 topics so I mispelled…

Now have you connected?

I don’t understand

Download filezilla and establish a FTP connection

For your WP problem, please read these articles:


You can find the wp-contents folder inside your htdocs folder.

You can access your FTP by going to the client area and clicking “File Manager”.

Please create your own topic.


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