Please how can I transfer my website file from one hosting to infinityfree

My website was hosted on harmonweb before I start using infinityfree, now please how can I transfer my website file from the old hosting to infinityfree , I don’t want to loose my website files.

use FileZilla

I find ChippyTech’s answer quite lacking, so here is a KB article to help you:


As wackyblackie mentioned, you have to download your website files from old hosting using FileZilla and download the database from Phpmyadmin. Then upload these website files to htdocs folder of infinity free file manager using FileZilla. Create a new database and import your old database into it. Then finally, configure your website address, path, and database connections in your website’s configuration file.


Thank you all for your response, so I’ve successfully uploaded my website file using filezilla and ive created and import my database too, but the problem now is I can’t locate my website configuration file, please how can I get the configuration file to finish the transfer. Thanks

Thats all you need to do. What configuration file are you talking about, and what do you have to do with it?


My WordPress and posts are not back

All that information is stored on the database, so make sure you imported that correctly.

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If you are using WordPress the configuration file will look like wp-config.php

Did you install WordPress through Softaculous as well? Or run through the WordPress built-in installer? If so, you may have imported your old database, but your current website is configured to use a different database or set of tables without your data.

The way to know for sure is to look at the wp-config.php file of your site and check the database name and table prefix match the database name you imported your data to, and the table prefix matches your previous site.

What needs to be done exactly depends on what exactly happened.

Another way that will work regardless is to just remove all the files and databases and start over. Remember: only import the files and databases. Don’t “install” anything, because it will give you a fresh installation.


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