Please how can I fix my site which says "This site can't be reached"

This site can’t be reached

Uploading: Screenshot_20210925-131124.png…

(please share the FULL error message you see)

I tried clearing cache on my hosting Cpanel but to no avail

It is not working for me either. When I go to your site, it says it took too long to respond.

Most of the time, clearing the cache on the server does nothing it is client-side.

Also, please make sure you are using the correct nameservers. Right now, you have none set:


Nameservers on my domain’s side or my host side?

You got your domain from Freenom, correct? So go to and configure them there.

EDIT: The nameservers are and There should only be those two.


Thanks bro🙏🏼

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My site domain isn’t even showing in their record … Or did freenom delete my domain because its a free domain?

Please what might be the cause of this :tired_face:

Freenom doesn’t randomly delete domains. Did you use the correct logon details?

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LOL, Freenom does indeed randomly delete domain, I have experienced that.

Yes I did…

Hmm, actually someone else may have their FreeNom domain deleted as well. I am going to check my FreeNom account and let you know what I see.

Edit: my FreeNom account seams fine, maybe only a few are affected? Maybe see if FreeNom support can help you out, as there is nothing we can do.

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Alright… Thank you all for your efforts🙏🏼


As i know freenom takes down popular domains

Also Make sure that you actually have the domain because sometimes the end (there that it says the customer code or whatever it says) is has a message saying attention! These domains werent registered : ( your domain)

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