Please HELP! [Xenforo setup]

Hello, I’m using xenforo V2.1.0 and I’ve been running into problems.
I tried to sign into my MySQL server for xenforo and I put everything in and the default port it puts in but I get this random error for no reason

Access denied for user ‘epiz_23868445’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Please do not do anything with that info listed above [for the community]
My password isnt YES and I have no clue why this is happening please help @Admin thanks

For your own safety, the password is not shown in the error message. Some people/scripts show the error messages to all users, so having the password in the error message would allow anyone to see the password.

Did you look up the error message in this article already?

yes I see my problem in there and I tried what it said but I still got the same error unless I change the port to 21 which is the FTP port then I get connection refused not sure if that does anything [its probably wrong] I’m sure im entering everything right but im still having difucalty setting it up is there anything you can do to help maybe like a screenshare or screenshots to help me set it up?

Did you use the password reset option of the control panel by any change? You should never use that option, because it tend to break accounts. I’ve forcefully reset your password to what it was before, which seems to have fixed the database permissions as well.

Can you please try again now?

Currently I’m at school but the reason I changed my password in the first place was because I didn’t know it / how to access it. Will it be the one that’s in my client area account epiz_938482 example and where it says show password? If not please dm me my password thank you

Yes, I’ve updated the password in the client area, you can see it there when you go to the account and click Show Password.

The password you previously configured was the right password. But somehow, the database was not configured to let you connect to it from your account.

Hey thanks for the help, I set up my website but i use your sub domain and sometimes my own site wont load and its the advertisement page so i want to change it to mine but the problem is when i deleted that domain from one of my accounts it messed everyting up and now it keeps redirecting to suspended domain by Ifast and its really annoying. Any way you can fix it @Admin? does not seem to be assigned to an account right now. Can you please add it to your account?

Note that, after adding the account, it may still take a day or two for the new domain to try to load your website everywhere due to DNS caching.

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