Please help - Problem Enabling https

Should point to the IP of your hosting account

You still need to install the private key and SSL cert

Definitely not necessary


I checked your site (really hard to find, but you neglected to omit one identifier from the information you shared).

The page mostly works, but I’m seeing some mixed content errors. Seeing how you’re using Cloudflare, please make sure that:

  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is turned OFF. You shouldn’t need it, and it tends to cause weird issues.
  • Your website is configured to use HTTPS (by hand or with the Really Simple SSL extension).
  • You have an SSL certificate installed on the backend server and are using Cloudflare in “Full SSL” mode, or are using Flexible SSL with Really Simple SSL.

Thanks @KangJL!

I read through that post again and indeed, I skipped the part where the key and the certificate have to be uploaded individually. Silly me! So I went ahead and uploaded them. For some reason, didn’t work on first try (checked site with https and was getting the error page). Then went through the steps again carefully and bingo! This time, it worked!!!

Thank you so much for your patience!
@wackyblackie @Greenreader9 @jaikrishna.t Thanks kindly for your inputs and guidance! Going on almost 3 days now battling this thing, but finally it’s done. I am very appreciative! :innocent:


@Admin Thanks a million! Got it to work last night and tried to post above message, but was barred by the new-member rule, so had to wait 8hrs… lol.

I truly appreciate all the help. Thanks everyone!


No problem, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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Looked like battling COVID 19 in 3 days :sweat_smile:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

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You are welcome :slight_smile: